Employment Prospects

Most tour operators constantly have positions available for good quality trained guides. Once you have the training and experience many positions are available within varied sectors of the industry. This course will assist you in starting your career in guiding.

Completing this workshop will not guarantee your job.

However we can assist participants in job placement within the industry wherever possible.


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Australian Adventure Travel proudly presents our innovative tour and safari guide Training Weekend. This innovative weekend has been designed for those interested in becoming a tour or safari guide and those who just need a refresher course in customer service.

With the increased popularity of Western Australia's outback, we have seen large increase in the number of adventure travellers and adventure tours available. This growth has highlighted the special skills and training required in outback tour guiding.

Our Training Weekend will give participants an overview of the industry, and help develop the special skills required to become a safari tour guide. Teaming this with the Aussie Host program, participants will also receive and Aussie Host certificate, recognised throughout the tourism industry.

Course Overview

The training weekend includes practical and theoretical tuition as well as an overnight camp in a nearby bush camp ground.

Training includes a half day lecture, transport to our camp site, practical tuition, an overnight camp with all meals and equipment supplied, course notes, a certificate of completion and eight Aussie Host accreditation certificate for successful participants.

Snorkeling is a favourite activity for tourists

Course Content



  1. Camp (preparation, setup and cooking)
    • Preparation and packing
    • Camp setup
    • Cleaning and hygiene
    • Client involvement
    • Food preparation
    • Cooking
    • Cleaning
    • Camp Hygiene
    • Environmental awareness including fires, soaps, litter, butts etc.
  2. Hygiene, Grooming and Presentation
    • Personal hygiene and grooming
    • Uniforms
    • Food hygiene
    • Political correctness
  3. Driving
    • Daily checklists
    • Safety
    • Driving conditions
    • 4 x 4 procedures
    • 4 x 4 recovery
  4. Mechanical
    • Pre departure checklist
    • Warning Signals
    • Visual inspections and Daily Checks
    • Troubleshooting
    • Mechanical knowledge and toolbox

Workshop details

Date:   to be advised

Centre Of Understanding
Unit 1/71 Beringarra Ave
Malaga WA 6090

and Darling range campsite



(Some funding may be available, depending on applicant's individual situation)

What to bring:



Australian Adventure Travel

PO Box 85 Bassendean WA 6934

Email info@safaris.net.au


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