Darwin - Australia's most modern city

Darwin - relaxing lifestyle in the most modern cityWhat better place to start your holiday! A tropical paradise just waiting for you to discover. Darwin boasts a relaxing lifestyle and our outdoor markets are world renown. No matter what you're after - Darwin has it all.

Darwin surprises most people because they're not expecting a bustling, modern capital city of 105,730 people, sitting on one of Australia's prettiest harbours.

Green and lush with palms and the perfume of frangipanis, Darwin is the capital of tropical Australia. You'll find plenty of attractions for your entertainment: nightclubs, theatres, a casino, large shopping complexes, a smorgasbord of restaurants and fabulous multicultural markets.

Darwin is the starting point for your holiday to the Top End. It is the hub of the region and the gateway to a range of attractions.

Darwin's history is an exciting mixture of adventure, violence, disappointment, disaster and achievement. For more than a century Darwin was Australia's pioneering outpost in the great north. Today, it is the nation's gateway to Asia.

John Lort Stokes commander of the Beagle, first named Port Darwin on 9 September 1839 in honour of an old friend, Charles Darwin, who had been a ships companion on a previous voyage to South America.

On 25 December 1974, Cyclone Tracy struck with devastating fury, killing 64 residents and injuring thousands. The sleepy little tropical outpost of about 43,000 people, in effect ceased to exist. More than 30,000 people were evacuated in the largest airlift in Australian history. Darwin was rebuilt from scratch. It is therefore the youngest and most modern capital city in the nation.

Since Cyclone Tracy, Darwin has been remodelled as the ideal tropical capital, with wide tree-lined streets, inviting public buildings and hectares of landscaped parkland. It cultivates a relaxed outdoor lifestyle and has a youthful population of around 80,000 people. Territorians are renowned for their hospitality and friendliness. Darwin is situated on one of Australia's prettiest harbours so take time to enjoy a sunset harbour cruise.

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